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Big games. Big playing fields. Big teams. And everywhere you watch, big plays. With so many options available, big broadcasters are faced with the challenge of just how to capture—and keep—the attention of big sports fans. But the size of your budget doesn’t always match the size of the athletes that dominate the arena.

3Play 820 is a heavy-hitting slow motion and instant replay solution designed to handle the most rigorous requirements in all of sports – at a price that’s setting world records for satisfying strict budget demands.

  • Network-quality production in native HD
  • Massive 10-channel capability for covering all the angles
  • 2 fully independent playout channels
  • Switch camera angles during live playback
  • Multi-tiered fail-safe systems and redundant hardware
  • Multi-camera, ISO recording that keeps going round after round
  • Included control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets, and jog wheel

3Play 820 - Interface


The 3Play™ 820 interface is simplistic by design. Intuitive by nature. With features that you can configure to suit your needs. Utility, without complexity. Configuration settings that are easy to access during live events. Clips list. Playlist. And a pop-up Dashboard. Woo-hoo.



  1. REPLAY INTERFACE is the control center for your 3Play 820 production. Connect up to eight HD or SD cameras, audio sources, and the included 3Play 820 CS control surface to manage recording, playback, clip marking, playlist creation, and more.
  2. LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS let you view the action from every angle, with interactive, full field rate displays. Integrated multi-view monitoring allows you to select from additional monitor layouts and send all on-screen monitors to a second display to enlarge your workspace.
  3. OUTPUT MONITORS show the output being sent through the two simultaneous, independent playout channels. Camera angles can even be switched during live playback. Full field rate displays include the option to show or hide HUD (Heads-Up Display) information.
  4. ONE-BUTTON RECORDING simultaneously captures video from your choice of up to eight cameras. 3Play 820 also supports automatic recording (activated by performing select operations).
  5. CLIPS LIST provides quick and easy access to all available clips (or events) for immediate playback. Clip notes can be entered for each camera view of an event, allowing you to find and replay the right highlight from the best angle – instantly.
  6. PLAY LIST lets you create highlight reels or compile clips for sequenced playback. The play list includes independent speed controls for each clip (for real-time, slo-mo or high-speed playback) and provides options for background music tracks and transitions.
  7. INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD lets you view active settings on the 3Play 820 CS control surface, or manage 3Play 820 operations without using the control surface. On-screen controls include playback speed presets, output mode, mark in, mark out, and transport.

3Play 820 - Tech Specs

Video Inputs 8 simultaneous inputs
Any combination of:
HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, Composite, or Y/C (BNC)
Video Outputs 2 fully independent, simultaneous playout channels
HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, Composite, or Y/C (BNC)
HDMI output
Dedicated DVI multi-view output
AUX output
Network output for over-the-network input to TriCaster
Output Modes A; B; A+B
Video Formats NTSC: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i
Multi-Standard: NTSC-J; PAL 1080/25p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 720/25p, 576/25i

Supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
Recording Channels 8
Recording Capacity ~ 200 hours of combined 1080i storage across 4 removable drives (50 hours per drive)
MPEG-2 all I-frame
Genlock Locks to HD or SD analog signals
Supports either tri-level or bi-level sync sources
Multi-viewer Supported with 2nd display, included HUD
Audio Inputs 8 SDI Embedded
8 x 2 Balanced XLR (Mic/Line)
Audio Outputs 3 SDI Embedded
4 Balanced XLR outputs (PGM)
4 Balanced XLR outputs (AUX)
Audio Processing Audio is uncompressed and sampled at 96kHz, 32-bit
Time Code LTC
A/V Standards HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M
SD video conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656
Analog audio levels conform to SMPTE RP-155
Controller Dedicated controller with T-bar, jog wheel, speed presets, and clip transport
Dimensions 19 x 7.25 x 21.5 (in)
48.3 x 18.4 x 54.6 (cm) 
Weight 42 lbs (19kg)
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